Welcome to 1380 Blackberry Lane Wedding Venue!

In the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, there is a private oasis waiting to make your wedding an event you will cherish for a lifetime. 1380 Blackberry Lane is a wedding venue that is focused on more than just the ceremony. Memories are made in the chaos of family and friends arriving early, rushing around doing last minute details and sneaking away to share those special moments together before “the big day”.

When you choose 1380 Blackberry Lane, you are choosing a place to house “your big event”. Our wedding parties are welcome for the week of their wedding. The early access to your bridal and groomsmen dressing rooms will allow you to pick up your wedding garments early in the week and safely house them where you will need them. Before the chaos begins, your dress can be hung, steamed and ready to go. Your flowers can be put right in your dressing room to assure their safety. Groomsmen can pick up their tuxedos and bring them to 1380 Blackberry Lane to cut down last minute stress of gathering everything together.

Our 9,000 square foot brick structure houses a wedding chapel, a separate reception facility, a caterers kitchen with plenty of counter space, a stage for a band, and much more. This space can be used for your reception as well as the gathering place for your guests as they arrive.

When you choose 1380 Blackberry Lane, the struggle of where to meet, to plan and eat together is over. We offer packages that allow you to be in the space as early as the Wednesday before your wedding until noon on Sunday. This allows you to decorate early and enjoy meals with out of town guests in the privacy of your very own oasis.

For the couple wanting to experience the great outdoors, 1380 Blackberry Lane is located on 5 acres of beautiful scenery. Our Hillside and Fireside venues will be completed this fall. The Hillside venue offers a back drop of natural rock formations and rustic beauty. The Fireside venue provides a place for those looking for a more casual country wedding scene. This is also a great place to host your after rehearsal dinner. Regardless of your ideal "special event", you have a home when you come to 1380 Blackberry Lane.
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